Friday, June 6, 2008

Rainy Day Play

The past week has brought us lots of rain and cooler temps which for us means lots of indoor play. Yesterday was no exception but I didn't mind as I had decided to let the dishes ccontine to pile up, forgo the vacuuming & mopping, and ignore the quickly multiplying bags of laundry so that I could instead get down and play with my children (I've been feeling a bit guilty lately for not devoting more 1-on-1 time with them). So after I put Berlin down for her nap, Finley and I played grocery store together. I got my shopping basket and bought some yummy fruit & bread from his market stand. Then I prepared us a nice yummy lunch which we sat and ate on the couch. Finley even offered a prayer on our lunch and I had to giggle when he clarified what it was, "Heavenly Father, we are thankful for this food - I mean pretend food, to make us strong - I mean pretend strong and safe outside." Then he proceeded to shop for and prepare lunch for his favorite dolls. I thought it was cute how he lined them all up. Rudolph and Domo got the most lunch (2 platefuls) and when I asked him why he said Rudolph needed more because he had to fly and because Domo was bigger than the rest.

While he was feeding Bob he noticed that tools were on his belt. This observation took him to his room where he returned with all his tools shoved in the waistband of his pants. After a few steps they started falling so he asked me for a belt like Bob's. Just as I was about to tell him we didn't have a toolbelt like that, I remembered some fabric scraps sitting in a box in his closet. So I got the scraps and he chose the fabric and in less than 10 minutes I had whipped up a toolbelt for all his tools. He wore it the rest of the afternoon including to Costco and would have worn it at the park while we watched Ryan play Volleyball but I made him leave it in the car. As soon as we got home he put it on and would have worn it to bed had Ryan not put his foot down and made him take it off. The whole PJ-Toolbelt is reminiscent of the Village People - sweet!


Ben said...

you were right...the toolbelt is awesome! it was great talking with you at volleyball last night.

Karyann said...

That tool belt is great. he is so dang cute. i love the slide show