Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finley's 1st Grade Program

Today was Finley's 1st Grade Program. It was pretty fun to see him up there singing to all the songs. Even Ryan commented that this was the most singing Finley's ever done at one time (unlike Berlin, he's not a huge fan of singing). Finley is funny when it comes to programs. He kinda likes the lime-light and is not phased by all the crazy parents in the audience. Finley smiles and waves and makes sure he puts himself in just the right spot for the camera. He had a speaking part and did a great job saying it from memory, without any help.

Here is is all ready to go...front and center!

This is his speaking part....

And this is an AWESOME clip of them dancing to the Madagascar "Move It" song (it was part of their be healthy & active segment). Of course, it was the best part of the whole program and my memory card decides it's full halfway thru. Oh well. At least I got part of it to show the world that he has some pretty sweet moves. This makes me giggle each time I watch it.

Finley is such a great kid. We sure do love him and can't wait to enjoy our summer break before 2nd grade starts in the Fall. Woo Hoo!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Berlin's Preschool Graduation

Berlin graduated from preschool last week. It was a very exciting event and she can hardly wait to start Kindergarten in the Fall. So crazy to think she will be in school five days a week in just a few months. Yikes!

Her preschool teachers this year were amazing and she has loved every single minute in their class. Despite complaining about going to dance and tumbling some mornings, she NEVER complained about school. I hope that she continues to love school as she gets older.

These are pics from her graduation ceremony/program. She was very serious about the singing and her speaking part. She wouldn't smile for the life of her until it was all over.

Watching the photo video montage her teachers put together of all their
pre-school classes.

Berlin and Sam. This cute little guy has a crush on Berlin and though Berlin won't admit it, I think she has a little crush on him too. When some of the girls were talking about playing a joke on the boys, I heard Berlin pipe up, "But not Sam, he's so nice."

The graduate with Mom and Dad.

Here's a video of her saying her big speaking part ...

Singing the Columbus song...

Saying what she wants to be when she grows up ... (a Vet)

And finally, this one sums the year up ...

Berlin's first visit from the Tooth Fairy

Berlin lost her first tooth on May 10th!  She was pretty excited when she noticed it was loose right before her Ballet class Wednesday night. She couldn't stop telling everyone, "I have a lost tooth!" despite the fact that she hadn't lost it yet. It was so cute to see both her and Finley so excited over this big event. The next morning while eating her breakfast cereal, her tooth popped out. That's kinda how we seem to roll in this house - teeth just popping out all over the place all on their own. Thus, that night the Tooth Fairy made her first visit to Berlin. 

Here she is in all her toothless glory.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Simple Life

The last few weeks have been crazy with both kids in soccer, both in tumbling, two dance classes for Berlin, Activity Day stuff, and well, just life. But my favorite time of the day is when I am outside working in the yard, pushing Berlin on the swing, planting flowers, prepping the garden, landscaping (FINALLY!) with new trees and bushes, hanging out with my kids, and chatting with the chickens. These quiet moments with just ourselves are the best. 

And remember all that trepidation I had about chickens (see here) ... well that's long gone. I love these gals. They are so funny to watch and they have very distinct personalities which crack me up. And of course, they love me. Not to brag, but they do. I am the one who lets them out, brings them food, changes their water, cleans their coop. I love to feed them out of my hand and they love to hang out by my feet. I think they like my red toenail polish! I am always talking to them too. Yep, I have become the chatty chicken lady. They like the kids too because they are always trying to feed them weeds & treats. And the kids aren't so tall and scary. Ryan jokes that the chickens tolerate him. He's usually the one whose making loud noises in the field (trimming trees, mowing the field) and he usually chases them and picks them up so others can hold and pet them, so he says they like him the least. But that's not true, they love him too.


They are the greatest pets. Seriously, if you are considering them, get them. You won't regret it. I can't wait till they start laying eggs in a couple months!

Oh, and we have bees now! Woo hoo. Our neighbors put a hive on our property last year, but with the crazy late winter (no spring) the bees didn't thrive and there was no honey.  This year we are hoping for better results. Our neighbors dropped of the hive boxes and new queen last week and so far so good! Someday, we will have our own hives.