Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Simple Life

The last few weeks have been crazy with both kids in soccer, both in tumbling, two dance classes for Berlin, Activity Day stuff, and well, just life. But my favorite time of the day is when I am outside working in the yard, pushing Berlin on the swing, planting flowers, prepping the garden, landscaping (FINALLY!) with new trees and bushes, hanging out with my kids, and chatting with the chickens. These quiet moments with just ourselves are the best. 

And remember all that trepidation I had about chickens (see here) ... well that's long gone. I love these gals. They are so funny to watch and they have very distinct personalities which crack me up. And of course, they love me. Not to brag, but they do. I am the one who lets them out, brings them food, changes their water, cleans their coop. I love to feed them out of my hand and they love to hang out by my feet. I think they like my red toenail polish! I am always talking to them too. Yep, I have become the chatty chicken lady. They like the kids too because they are always trying to feed them weeds & treats. And the kids aren't so tall and scary. Ryan jokes that the chickens tolerate him. He's usually the one whose making loud noises in the field (trimming trees, mowing the field) and he usually chases them and picks them up so others can hold and pet them, so he says they like him the least. But that's not true, they love him too.


They are the greatest pets. Seriously, if you are considering them, get them. You won't regret it. I can't wait till they start laying eggs in a couple months!

Oh, and we have bees now! Woo hoo. Our neighbors put a hive on our property last year, but with the crazy late winter (no spring) the bees didn't thrive and there was no honey.  This year we are hoping for better results. Our neighbors dropped of the hive boxes and new queen last week and so far so good! Someday, we will have our own hives.

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aje and h said...

we have bees too!!!! i swear we live parallel lives and never see each other. i love this post. hugs!