Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014

Berlin took tumbling again and had a blast. She was really nervous and honestly didn't want to participate in the Parent Showcase. I pretty much had to lay down the law and say tough luck. It's part of the class and since she wanted to do the class she had to do the showcase as well. Lots of tears were shed, but she gained so much confidence in just doing the showcase. She was fantastic and did everything just right. Needless to say this little miss loves to cartwheel everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE ... walking to school, walking to the RSL game, walking at the park, in the front yard, in the backyard, at recess, at lunch, at dinner.

Here she is with Miss Tiffany after her showcase. I had an awesome video of her, but Finley deleted it from the camera because he was mad I used his camera and not mine (the battery wasn't charged). Needless to say we had words and he won't be making that mistake again.

Finley has been working hard on his Cub Scout achievements. He got his Wolf Patch last month. Here he is at Pack meeting getting belt loops and his awards. Pretty soon he will move up to Bears.