Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Finley's 1st day of Kindergarten - which starts at 8:15am. Despite the overcast weather we decided to walk to school. 1/2 way there, it started to pour rain on us. Thank heavens the school is close and we had umbrellas. I didn't get pics in front of the school rock & sign due to the rain. Maybe tomorrow. But I did get some cute pics of Finley's morning before the big day.

Here he is groggily eating his breakfast. I know, I know, if I were super-mom I would have made pancakes or something fancy for breakfast. But I'm not, so he got cereal & V8 Fusion juice. Besides, I think getting up at 7 am is harder on me than it is on him. I haven't been a morning person since I quit working and had kids.

I'm lovin' the bed-head! I gave him a haircut on Sunday and I love the way it turned out.  

It's German tradition to give a "Schultüte" to children on the 1st day of their first year in school. It's a cone filled with school supplies. Not like you really need much in elementary school, but he got some folders, crayons, markers, pencils, and of course a pair of new school shoes & pj's. Lucky duck. Here he is with the cone that I made myself.

Berlin really wanted in on the action, so I pulled out her lunch tote and a new book that we were saving for her first day of preschool (she doesn't start for 3 more weeks). Oh well. She carried this while we walked to school, apparently thinking that she too was going to Kindergarten. Unfortunately she cried when she realized that she couldn't stay & had to go home with us. Aw, the enthusiasm. 

Berlin giving loves to her big brother.

Me, snuggling my baby boy who's not really a baby anymore.

All ready for what the day brings ...

Braving the ominous clouds as we walk to school ...

Having lunch at McDonald's with one of his best friends, Logan. 
What a great way to celebrate a successful first day right?

more to come tomorrow - if the weather holds out :)

our last hoorah of the Summer

With Kindergarten starting just around the corner for Finley, we took a couple days off work and headed up to the cabin for our one & only BIG trip of the Summer (big because it was for 5 full days vs the 2 days we usually get when we go over a weekend). It was a fabulous break with the kids. We explored new hikes and lakes, ate yummy food, scoured the local fruit stands for fresh peaches, watermelons, and corn, tackled a rock climbing wall at the park, played lots of board games, and raced balloon rockets in the sky. And of course read lots of books and chilled out on the beach.

Bloomington Lake:

Tony's Grove:

Beach time & Park time:

It was a blast. And now it's time to get back to the real world. Bummer!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the prowl

for new couches....

Sad to say, but after 7 years our Pottery Barn couch (bought from Downeast Home) has seen better days. Once upon a time this couch was a beautiful washed linen. Now it's tattered to shreds We really thought we'd get a few more years out of it but with the slip cover looking like this:

And the back cushions looking like this:

(this is what they used to look like ... Guess the corner doesn't get sat in as often as these 2 cushions are almost perfect.)

we are done. I hate the sloppy, worn out look. I want something crisp & fresh - pretty much just new. However, to get just the new slipcover from PB it's $1600 plus another $125 in shipping. Plus I have to purchase all new back cushions from PB. Not going to happen since we didn't pay that much for the couch to begin with - probably why they haven't lasted more than 7 years. Yes, I sew, but no, I have NO desire what-so-ever to tackle the project of making my own new slip-covers.

Anywhoo, I really want white couches. I know, I know, most of you are thinking white couches with 2 young kids and a dog with black hair that sheds everywhere? But no matter. I want what I want, and it's white couches for me.

These are some of the couches I'm looking at. I would say my style is more Pottery Barnish casual. I think these would all look great with new throw pillows made from my stash of fabrics (especially this fabric):

Super basic, clean lines. Nice.
(courtesy of

(courtesy of

I LOVE this sofa, but for the price, so not going to happen. But if money weren't an option, this is what I would put upstairs .....

(courtesy of

Or this one ....

(also courtesy of

(courtesy of

We have the ektorp armchair w/ white slipcover and I really like it. It's held up fairly well with the original slipcover and we've had it since Finley was born - 5 years ago! The slipcovers are cheap too, so it's OK to buy a new one every few years. AND there's a 10 year warranty. For these reasons, I'm leaning this route. Slipcovers in my opinion are the way to go. And for the total price, it's really the only option for us since we need a sectional AND a love seat/sofa to fill our big room (or get 2 sofas and a love seat).

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Do you like white or not?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Apricot Pickin'

The apricots are here and we have WAY too many - especially since Berlin & Ryan are the only ones who'll eat them. Yuck! is my opinion on the fuzzy little things :)

As I was mowing the lawn on Monday Berlin came out singing another song she'd made up and went down into the field. I look over and saw her jumping to reach the branches. I ran in, got the camera and snapped these up, then went back to mowing the lawn.

Seriously, how can you not love this little gal?

Heading over to the apricot tree after realizing the cherries were all snatched up by the magpies.

Upset because she can't reach the branch.

Pickin' heaven on a lower branch.

I just told her she'd better not be eating them off the tree. Totally guilty!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Park City adventure

Every Summer we try to do a little trip within Utah, like getting a hotel in Park City, or in Downtown SLC, or even MOAB (like last year) - basically a little Stay-cation. This year, it was Park City. We stayed at the Bear Hollow Villages by the Olympic Park. It was a blast. Besides the fun time we had swimming in the pool (blogged about here: we also got to visit with Ryan's friend Patrick and my sister Val, who each stayed with us a night. 

We hit the Tanger outlets and the shops on main street with Patrick, then stayed up way too late at or annual movie night, then woke up and had a yummy breakfast at Kneaders (thick cut cinnamon french toast = YUM!). The kids love Patrick - especially Berlin. She is smitten with him and had to hold his hand the entire day. 

the kids & the Park City Bear

Then we met up with Valerie for an afternoon at the Olympic park for some Arial jumping (just watching of course) and some alpine slide riding. It was a blast.

The next day we got to ride the Canyon's Gondola up the mountain and hike around. They have a couple trails & a nature hike up there that are are good for kids.

they loved the gondola & the free ski lifts. After we cleaned up from our hiking, we went back and just rode the gondola a few more times (it's $15 for a full day pass - so we had to get our money's worth). The kids laughed and giggled as we went over the tree-tops. It felt like flying.

Our kids loved having a pool at our fingertips. Fin, especially, couldn't get enough of it. 

Poolside Diva

We can't wait to see where our next Stay-cation takes us!