Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer catch-up

We've had a busy Summer and looking at all these pics makes me realize, that I'm kinda dreading school starting in less than 3 weeks (can you believe that Fin is going to be in KINDERGARTEN!?). Once school starts, that means Winter is right around the corner, and we all know how much I hate Utah winters. Oh well. Guess I'll just enjoy the nice weather while we have it :)

Our kids love to be buried in the sand. While at the lake at few weeks ago we had a burying frenzy with little fishies and sea turtles galore.

Berlin was VERY insistent that her fish be a girl. Ummm, how do you make a girl fish different from a boy fish? I did my best.

Our beached sea turtles chillin' on the sand.

We also took advantage of the wind and busted out our new millennium falcon kite. The kids had a blast with this. Note to self though, build the kite BEFORE you go to the park. They always take longer than you think.

Wind is pretty common at Bear Lake. Usually about 1:30 or 2pm, the wind kicks up down by the water. This one week though it was really bad. We heard a loud crack-like explosion and I look up and see this:

The wind was so strong that it was ripping up sun canopies left and right and launching them into the air. Had to snap a picture of the dementor-like image of the canopy ripped into 2 pieces. Crazy huh.  

This was also the busiest weekend I've ever seen down here. Crazy. Ryan hates it like this because it's so far from what it was like growing up - even just from 5 years ago. It's sad really. Probably doesn't help that the water level was super high this year - which means less beach to share.

Berlin of course just being the cute thing that she is. She's really gotten into playing with her dollies this summer. She tells me constantly that her dolls don't have pj's for bedtime. Guess I'll add that to her Christmas wishlist & my sewing to-do list.

We also got to spend some fun time with cousins. Finley loves having friends to play with at the cabin. They had a blast.  Berlin of course just wanted to dig in the sand or play football with Ryan & I. She's actually getting pretty good at catching the ball.

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Mama Bear said...

Love, love, loved the pics of your kids just being kids, especially the sea turtle and mermaid/fishy ones. Too cute for words!!