Friday, July 30, 2010

the Fruits of our labor

This weekend I'll have my work cut-out for me. I just got my BIG box of cucumbers and I'll be canning some German pickles this weekend. Can't wait. Ryan's mom had the best recipe ever. They are so yummy and we are just about out from the last batch that we did. Aren't these gorgeous?

Our apricot tree is also brimming with fruit. I plan on making a couple jars of apricot jam for Ryan, but as I hate apricots, I am offering the fruit to anyone who's willing to come & pick it themselves. Seriously, just come on over and pick away (just let me know so I can bring Bentley inside - I don't want him barking his head off at you *smile*). Most the apricots are pretty good, there are some though that have what's called "skin blight", but the Arborist told me that it doesn't affect the fruit. It's still great for eating, canning, or pie making. Berlin seems to think they are pretty tasty. She asked to pick some this morning and here's what she brought in:

Our apples are getting bigger. I think they'll be better this year than last. Ryan has been working hard at pruning all the trees to get better fruit out of them. I can't wait. I plan on making applesauce and pie filling for the pantry. As with the apricots, once the apples are ready to pick, you are all welcome to bring a bucket (or two) and pick some. With 2 apple trees, there's no way we can eat them all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

dear to my heart

If you know me, you know I LOVE old homes. They have so much style, character, personality, and often times have amazing features, like paneled ceilings, built-in cabinets, and molding to die for. Seriously, when I see older homes my heart swoons. It is the main reason I will never buy a "new" or pre-fab home. They never have this kind of history or beauty.

I found this home on KSL classifieds last week while looking for a tv cabinet for the basement and my heart has been beating for it ever since.

Cobble Rock Home in Ogden Canyon (built in the 1920's)

Wouldn't this make the most amazing vacation home? In my world, yes. It's a little run down but can you imagine what a little TLC (and sweat) could do? I can. I wish it was me tasked with the job. I would happily give this home some love. And the little creek that runs thru it with all that acreage? Nice.

Sniff. Sniff. Oh that I could have it, those floors, that porch, those windows, and that built in buffet. Double sniff.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who IS this kid?

um, it couldn't possibly be MY kid ... the one who cried for a full 30 minutes before swim lessons last Tuesday because 1. he didn't want to get his face wet and 2. I told him that I absolutely would not, could not, bring his life jacket for him to wear.

But, it is {GASP}!
(click the middle of the video box to view)

We took the kids up to Park City for Pioneer Day weekend and after our first afternoon at the condo pool, that is what Finley was doing .... no life jacket, no covering his eyes with his hands to shield from water, and he swam to the side of the pool after each jump all by himself. Yay!

I will say that he was probably motivated a little bit by this:

Before we went swimming, we took the kids to the Olympic Park and watched some other kids do aerial jumps into the pool. I think Finley was just a little impressed and decided to try it on his own. I'm just glad Ryan was in the pool at the time. I would have drowned after fainting from shock.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You are the thorn in my side right now.

Apparently, some moron in the SLC sorting center (yes, I know it got to the processing center because the delivery confirmation tracking stats tell me so) got this on July 7th and ran over, stomped on, smooshed, or sat his lazy A** on the box and completely demolished it.

Fast forward to today - 7 days later - where Ryan finds it on the front porch as he comes home from work. Apparently it took you idiot's 7 days to decide what to do with it? The processing facility is NOT that far from our house. So you just "return to sender" and leave it on the porch (with brown "stuff" caked all over it). REALLY!!!??? You couldn't ring the fricken' doorbell and explain to me what happened?

And of course, it had to be a very important wholesale order that my customer needed ASAP for her store opening last weekend. Awesome. Thanks, Danke, Muchas Gracias. Now I know why you are going bankrupt and losing customers.

Hmmm. I wonder what Brown can do for me?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pony Rides, Pioneer Games, & Watermelon Seeds

Since Ryan had the day off of work yesterday, we took the kids up to This is the Place Park in the morning. The kids love this place, but since we usually go while Ryan is at work he doesn't get to see how much fun they really have when we go.

They had special 4th of July festivities going on: Mutton busting, scavenger hunt, watermelon eating contest, candy canon, mechanical bull riding, and more. There were also TONS of people in Pioneer costumes acting in character which made it more fun.

My favorite part was Berlin participating in the watermelon eating contest. She was at the table with all the older kids who were 8 & 9 years old. She didn't stand a chance, but I will say she was the cutest contestant hands-down. The kids loved the pony rides as usual, and the candy cannon. When we first got there they gave us a scavenger hunt guide. Once we found everything on the list the kids got candy. They also panned for gold and this time they found some! We've panned for gold before and not found the sparkly stuff, so they were super-elated. We also spent a good chunk of time playing Pioneer Games, like rolling the metal wheel down the street, ball-in-cup, paddle ball, and ring toss. I must say that I'm pretty good at the ring toss game :)

It was a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.

Our little cowboy. Finley got the loop slow horse and he kept trying to get him to go faster by saying yee-haw & giddy-up the whole time he was on him.

Our little cowgirl.

Finley with his candy canon booty.

Berlin LOVING the baby goat. This is her favorite animal in the petting area.

On the new Brooklyn ship play area. This has been under construction the last 4 times we've been here and it was finally done. Finley was ecstatic and did NOT want to leave. He could stay here all day.

Ryan getting a trim at the local barber shop.

Berlin chowing down on yummy watermelon.

Berlin petting the baby sheep. She just couldn't wait until they were done nursing.

Berlin & Finley cleaning the rugs - why can't I get them to do chores around the house with the same excitement they do chores at the village?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Just a few of our fun celebrations ...

Saturday started off with this: Germany World Cup soccer game (Germany WON!!!) & Spain World Cup soccer game (Spain WON!!!). Now the two will face off in the next round. With the USA out, these are my next two fave teams, so I'll be happy with whomever wins and moves on.

(photos from


Then, we worked in the yard and got a ton done. Still so much more to do, but it's nice to cross things off the "to-do" list. Ryan even grilled up a yummy dinner with Italian Sausages, home-made potato salad, strawberries, and rootbeer floats.

After dinner, Ryan took the kids out for a ride in this beauty. Finley got scared going downhill while Berlin just wanted to go faster. Go figure.

Then it was off to view the Sugarhouse fireworks display from the lawn of a nearby church. Fireworks are always better when you can watch them while playing on the playground at the same time (sorry it's so dark - I forgot to switch the setting). Finn is in the corner.

Berlin just wanted to run around and scream "It's beautiful!" at the top of her lungs every time she bothered to look at the fireworks. Must have been the cookies.

The fireworks were cool, but not as cool as Ryan's headlamp apparently.

Seriously - how cute are these munchkins?

After church today we busted out the Popping Snappers (or whatever they are called) and the sparklers. Seriously, we went thru 15 sparklers in less than 10 minutes. My kids are hooked.

Then we put Berlin to bed and Ryan, Finley and I watched the Country Club fireworks display from the comfort of our front lawn. Seriously, awesome view. Who knew? Next year, we'll maximize that viewing opportunity and have friends over. Then we watched the illegal fireworks that were being fired off in the cul-de-sac behind our field. Again, awesome view, who knew.

Tomorrow Ryan has the day off, so we'll be doing some more fun things - and probably a little more yard work. Yay for Independence Day!