Monday, October 15, 2012

Spirit Week Crazy Hair Day - Oct 2012

Back in October, the school had their annual spirit week festivities. One day is devoted to crazy hair and all the kids come to school with the wackiest hairstyles. Last year Finley refused to do it. This year he was all game - up until the last few minutes, then he began to chicken out. But I wouldn't let him back out. So I pulled out the trusty (and probably ancient) can of hairspray. We went for all out crazy windblown. I love the end result - very Albert Einstein!




I think we found the way to curl Berlin's hair. This is how pretty it was the next day! Twisty knots are the way to go.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Cornbelly's 2012

Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point is a Fall tradition in our household. We love to go down and spend a day with the kids running through the corn maze, shooting pumpkins with the cannons, zooming down slides, jumping on the air pillow and so much more. This year, Groupon had a special on the Season Passes plus extra perks (free pumpkins, food, extra activities, etc) so we bought some. Tonight we decided to go down for Family Home Evening and check it out. It was wonderful weather to be outside enjoying all the activities. And the crowds weren't that bad. They added so  much new stuff that even after 3 hours we didn't get to do everything they had. We can't wait to go again next week!



The highlight for the kids was panning for gemstones. We've never done this before because I'm cheap, but we got 4 mining tickets with the Groupon so they got to do it for the first time. Needless to say, Finley is hooked! He LOVED this and is already begging to do it again next time. It really was fun to watch them pan for all the stones and hear their squeals of delight when they found a big one.




Ryan was selected from the crowd to participate in the Goat Race. He chose the green goat and I think we won. He got a pig nose for being a good sport.



HMMMM... which way to go???

After Cornbelly's we had to continue the tradition and head over to JCW's for dinner. YUM! Here Finn is discussing what gem's he and Berlin found according to the gem card in his hand. The kids were so tuckered out they didn't complain one bit about getting into bed as soon as we got home. Love nights like that!


More Cornbelly's fun later on in the month...





We finished the maze and the kids were excited. Here we are looking guilty...we totally picked a ton of corn for the chickens. See that yellow bag? It's full of corny contraband :)


Watching the MJ Thriller video on the big screen. The scarecrow was doing the entire dance routine on his stilts. It was very impressive and the kids thought it was hilarious.

The cutest kids at Cornbelly's that night! Love them so much.

We even ran into our friends so we hung out with them for part of the evening. It was a blast. Here we are shooting the corn blasters.