Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

This was an odd year for our family regarding Halloween. Typically, the kids know EXACTLY what they want to be months ahead of time. Then I end up making the costumes myself. This year they  had a hard time deciding and I didn't end up making any of the costumes. I won't lie, the latter part was kinda nice!  

Berlin ultimately decided upon being a Lady Ute Gymnast. I think the main reason she wanted this was so that she could get a legit performance leotard to add to her blank and pink cheap $5 cotton ones from Walmart. I about choked when I saw the prices of competition leotards. Thank heavens for amazon. She loves it and wears it each week to tumbling now. Thankfully, the weather was very warm and she didn't need to wear pants.

Finley never decided what he wanted to be. His backup plan was to just wear his Germany soccer uniform, but the morning of the school parade on the 30th he decided to go as Samurai Jack again - his costume from 2 years ago. It fit, but barely. He wore the same costume the next night when we went trick-or-treating and he wore the wooden sandals for almost 2 hours. I finally made him switch to regular flip-flops so we could speed things up a bit. 

Our neighbors have the coolest yard decor!

Love all the kids in our neighborhood. This isn't even HALF of them!!!

As always, they scored more loot than any person (child or adult) should consume. After they got to choose their 35 pieces of candy, we still ended up with 3 gallon bags full of treats to use on our gingerbread houses next month. Finley finished his within the week. Berlin is more of a rationing person and has most of it left.

The kids actually had Friday off from school so I decided to take off work that day. Ryan met up with us for a matinee movie of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Fun way to spend halloween before all the parties and trick-or-treating began.