Friday, July 30, 2010

the Fruits of our labor

This weekend I'll have my work cut-out for me. I just got my BIG box of cucumbers and I'll be canning some German pickles this weekend. Can't wait. Ryan's mom had the best recipe ever. They are so yummy and we are just about out from the last batch that we did. Aren't these gorgeous?

Our apricot tree is also brimming with fruit. I plan on making a couple jars of apricot jam for Ryan, but as I hate apricots, I am offering the fruit to anyone who's willing to come & pick it themselves. Seriously, just come on over and pick away (just let me know so I can bring Bentley inside - I don't want him barking his head off at you *smile*). Most the apricots are pretty good, there are some though that have what's called "skin blight", but the Arborist told me that it doesn't affect the fruit. It's still great for eating, canning, or pie making. Berlin seems to think they are pretty tasty. She asked to pick some this morning and here's what she brought in:

Our apples are getting bigger. I think they'll be better this year than last. Ryan has been working hard at pruning all the trees to get better fruit out of them. I can't wait. I plan on making applesauce and pie filling for the pantry. As with the apricots, once the apples are ready to pick, you are all welcome to bring a bucket (or two) and pick some. With 2 apple trees, there's no way we can eat them all.

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Sugar & Spice said...

Those look gorgeous!
We will definitly take you up on some apple picking!!! :-)