Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who IS this kid?

um, it couldn't possibly be MY kid ... the one who cried for a full 30 minutes before swim lessons last Tuesday because 1. he didn't want to get his face wet and 2. I told him that I absolutely would not, could not, bring his life jacket for him to wear.

But, it is {GASP}!
(click the middle of the video box to view)

We took the kids up to Park City for Pioneer Day weekend and after our first afternoon at the condo pool, that is what Finley was doing .... no life jacket, no covering his eyes with his hands to shield from water, and he swam to the side of the pool after each jump all by himself. Yay!

I will say that he was probably motivated a little bit by this:

Before we went swimming, we took the kids to the Olympic Park and watched some other kids do aerial jumps into the pool. I think Finley was just a little impressed and decided to try it on his own. I'm just glad Ryan was in the pool at the time. I would have drowned after fainting from shock.

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