Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the prowl

for new couches....

Sad to say, but after 7 years our Pottery Barn couch (bought from Downeast Home) has seen better days. Once upon a time this couch was a beautiful washed linen. Now it's tattered to shreds We really thought we'd get a few more years out of it but with the slip cover looking like this:

And the back cushions looking like this:

(this is what they used to look like ... Guess the corner doesn't get sat in as often as these 2 cushions are almost perfect.)

we are done. I hate the sloppy, worn out look. I want something crisp & fresh - pretty much just new. However, to get just the new slipcover from PB it's $1600 plus another $125 in shipping. Plus I have to purchase all new back cushions from PB. Not going to happen since we didn't pay that much for the couch to begin with - probably why they haven't lasted more than 7 years. Yes, I sew, but no, I have NO desire what-so-ever to tackle the project of making my own new slip-covers.

Anywhoo, I really want white couches. I know, I know, most of you are thinking white couches with 2 young kids and a dog with black hair that sheds everywhere? But no matter. I want what I want, and it's white couches for me.

These are some of the couches I'm looking at. I would say my style is more Pottery Barnish casual. I think these would all look great with new throw pillows made from my stash of fabrics (especially this fabric):

Super basic, clean lines. Nice.
(courtesy of

(courtesy of

I LOVE this sofa, but for the price, so not going to happen. But if money weren't an option, this is what I would put upstairs .....

(courtesy of

Or this one ....

(also courtesy of

(courtesy of

We have the ektorp armchair w/ white slipcover and I really like it. It's held up fairly well with the original slipcover and we've had it since Finley was born - 5 years ago! The slipcovers are cheap too, so it's OK to buy a new one every few years. AND there's a 10 year warranty. For these reasons, I'm leaning this route. Slipcovers in my opinion are the way to go. And for the total price, it's really the only option for us since we need a sectional AND a love seat/sofa to fill our big room (or get 2 sofas and a love seat).

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Do you like white or not?


hoopesfam4 said...

Love all the sofas you surprise and Ryan have such great taste. As for the Ektorp, I say go for it. When we finally get enough $$ saved up for a couch, that is the one I want to get...either the corner sectional or the couch w/chaise. I'm not brave enough to do the white...although I wish I were. :)

Jen Howick said...

Agreed, you and Ryan DO have excellent taste! If I could have an older home that looks as great as yours does inside, I'd be more content to stay in my old house... but I don't! However, to answer your question about white furniture, I LOVE white, I just know it would never fly in my house until my kids are older! I love all those pictures, I know whatever you choose will be AWESOME!

Jen Schenk said...

Hey Cynthia!
Love all those options. I l.o.v.e white sofas. Here is a link to that one store I talked about where you can get furniture at wholesale prices. They have a few white sofas. Not sure if any of these would work but I just wanted to let you know!!

Sugar & Spice said...

I say go for the IKEA one! and the fabric you chose for pillows will look great esp with the wall colors in your home.

Jen Howick said...

for the record, I think you are totally in the know about trends too, but I don't think you think I am clueless like some of my other friends do! lol! ;) (re: my blog post)