Monday, May 28, 2012

Berlin's Preschool Graduation

Berlin graduated from preschool last week. It was a very exciting event and she can hardly wait to start Kindergarten in the Fall. So crazy to think she will be in school five days a week in just a few months. Yikes!

Her preschool teachers this year were amazing and she has loved every single minute in their class. Despite complaining about going to dance and tumbling some mornings, she NEVER complained about school. I hope that she continues to love school as she gets older.

These are pics from her graduation ceremony/program. She was very serious about the singing and her speaking part. She wouldn't smile for the life of her until it was all over.

Watching the photo video montage her teachers put together of all their
pre-school classes.

Berlin and Sam. This cute little guy has a crush on Berlin and though Berlin won't admit it, I think she has a little crush on him too. When some of the girls were talking about playing a joke on the boys, I heard Berlin pipe up, "But not Sam, he's so nice."

The graduate with Mom and Dad.

Here's a video of her saying her big speaking part ...

Singing the Columbus song...

Saying what she wants to be when she grows up ... (a Vet)

And finally, this one sums the year up ...

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