Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finley's 1st Grade Program

Today was Finley's 1st Grade Program. It was pretty fun to see him up there singing to all the songs. Even Ryan commented that this was the most singing Finley's ever done at one time (unlike Berlin, he's not a huge fan of singing). Finley is funny when it comes to programs. He kinda likes the lime-light and is not phased by all the crazy parents in the audience. Finley smiles and waves and makes sure he puts himself in just the right spot for the camera. He had a speaking part and did a great job saying it from memory, without any help.

Here is is all ready to go...front and center!

This is his speaking part....

And this is an AWESOME clip of them dancing to the Madagascar "Move It" song (it was part of their be healthy & active segment). Of course, it was the best part of the whole program and my memory card decides it's full halfway thru. Oh well. At least I got part of it to show the world that he has some pretty sweet moves. This makes me giggle each time I watch it.

Finley is such a great kid. We sure do love him and can't wait to enjoy our summer break before 2nd grade starts in the Fall. Woo Hoo!

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