Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rave Reviews

RAVE 1: Squeem Compression Vest (glorified term for girdle)

I don't rave about too many things, but I have to give a shout out to this. My lower back has really been bothering me the past couple months. I was told that a back brace would help my back, but after doing some research on a good backbrace, they are expensive and some are a bit bulky, so I looked around and found this:

Now, honestly, I was a little prideful thinking no way was I going to wear a girdle, but after 2 months of going back and forth and reading so many positive reviews about how it helps alleviate lower back pressure, I decided to give it a try. So I scoured ebay and I found one for a STEAL of a price. And 2 weeks later (wearing it a couple hours each day and while I exercise or go walking with the kids) I have to say that my back feels GREAT!!! It makes me stand up straight and helps my posture (it's always been slouchy) which makes a huge difference in the way I carry Berlin. Honestly, my back feels so much better. And it does contain the lower baby belly, which I won't complain about.

Summers here and the weather is great, but I'm finding that some afternoons are just too hot and the kids don't want to go outside (neither do I for that matter). After battling overcrowded zoos, children museums, and parks, I decided that I needed to find some fun things to do at home where it's a comfortable 72 degrees. Now, I'm creative, but I've found it hard to come up with some "new" games and activities to do with Finn. However, I found this website the other day via my sisters blog and I love it!!! There are so many fun ideas for crafts & activities (both indoor and outdoor) to do with the kiddos. Hooray for the Crafty Crow - you just made my summer that much easier!!!

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