Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've been tagged ...

by my friend "Presh."
Rules: 10 photos, take them right away, NO CLEANING UP FIRST, then tag 5 friends.

1. Dream Vacation
For me, my dream vacation would be to spend a month traveling Europe, both new places (Italy) and old places (Spain, Germany, and France), with Ryan and the kids. Then we'd send the kids home and Ry and I would spend 1 week in a private villa over the ocean in Bora Bora relaxing & unwinding from our whirlwind family tour. That would be heaven.
2. Self Portrait
Please be kind - today is one of those no makeup shiny face, air dried hair w/ no hair product days. This is me au-natural!

3. What my kids are doing right now
Berlin is reading a book and Finley was asleep on the floor when I started taking pics, then moved to the couch and went into his "cave" (totally annoyed that I took his pic), then as I went to upload my pics, I found him playing with his cars. All this in a matter of about 15 minutes! Today has been the best day all week. Berlin's vomitting has stopped and she has perked up and is her usually silly, sassy self. Finley is almost there. He's a day behind Berlin in being sick, and though he is not vomitting anymore, he still is a little more groggy than she is.

4. My Closet
We have a very wide closet with lots of space. Unfortunately because there really aren't closets in the rest of the house (gotta love old homes - 1920) alot of stuff gets stored in here - Ryan's art, outgrown kid clothing, luggage, fans, emergency packs, and odds n ends. Don't mind the backpack mess. I'm in the process of updating the food & clothing in our 72-hour kits.

5. My Favorite Room
Berlin's room upstairs. It's the smallest room in the house, but I love it because it's always the cleanest room in the house - probably because there aren't many toys in it and we don't play in there. And I love the color, the built in shelving (you can't see it in this pic - it's behind the rocking chair), the furniture, the PB chandelier I put in, and the original baseboards that are like 13 inches tall.

6. My Favorite Shoes
I just got these not too long ago and I LOOOOVE them. They are ballet flats from Aldo and the suede lining keeps my feet cool & fresh and the insoles are padded so they are super comfy. They are just so me!

7. My Laundry Room
It's actually deeper than it looks and I have lots of storage on the walls that I love, but I do wish it was bigger. There isn't much room for more than the washer, dryer and the vacuum. All the laundry you see is the hordes of dirty sheets, blankets, bed pads, pillows, towels and clothing from 3 days of puking and pooping kids.

8. My Second Bathroom
This was a hard one to get a good picture of. It's long and narrow, but I did my best. That's Finn's Build-a-Bear Spiderman costume for Footie (his BAB Bunny). He gets it once he goes on the potty for a whole week straight. He's nowhere close to getting it.

9. My Kitchen Sink
If this had been two days ago, I would have been mortified as it would have been full of dirty dishes. Luckily we've used this as the impromptu bathtub the last couple days (I was tired of filling up the big tub for quick cleanups) thus it's clean.

10. My Refrigerator
Not much to say here. It is what it is.

These are the pictures of my life ... today.
Now I tag 5 people ... Julie, Shauna, Valerie, Becky, and Ben.


Shelby said...

Fun! You are quick and it's almost like I am there with you! ALMOST.

Shalyse said...

Isn't this the greatest tag of all? I love it! your house is DARLING!!!

Hoopesfam4 said...

Thanks for the fun glimpse into your life...I wish we lived closer so I saw this all more often, clean sink or not! :0) Oh, and no worries - I did not feel obligated or pressured to do the tag - it actually turned out to be a lot of fun!