Monday, June 23, 2008

to Firestation, to Firestation to climb a big rig ...

home again, home again, jiggity jig jig. Here are a couple pics from the last couple weeks.

Two Tuesdays ago (that would be the 10th folks) I took Finley to the Holladay Firestation where 2 friends from High School are firemen. Finley was a little shy, but he warmed up and by the time we left, he didn't want to go. It must have been the otter pops they gave him :) Here he is in the truck and wearing the cute jacket & hat. He even got to hear the firetruck siren/horn which he thought was cool and told Ryan all about it when he got home from work. He got a taste of station life eating otter pops and watching cartoons in the lazy boy recliners they had (Finln called them big superhero chairs). It was a really fun way to spend our morning and I had a great time catching up with my friends Dave & Steve. A big thanks to them for inviting us out to see the trucks.

Berlin's favorite thing these days are books and reading all of them that are in eyesight to her baby.

Here she is sitting down with a good read (Harry the dirty dog of course). Her favorite books are:

Wet pet, dry pet, your pet, my pet & Harry the dirty dog

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb & Go, Dogs Go

The other day I started making a clip holder for all her new clips I've made and the ones we've bought or been given. When she saw me pull out all of her clips she kept saying, "baaa-rette." It took me a minute to realize what she was saying but when I saw her pointing to her pile of clips and then her head I realized she wanted to wear one. So I put one in her hair, but that wasn't good enough, she kept pointing so I kept putting them in. She stopped once they were all in her hair. Here she is sporting all her pretty "baaa-rettes."

We took Finley to see Kung Fu Panda a couple weeks ago on a special date. He loved it and was glued to the movie screen (this is only the 2nd movie he's seen in an actual movie theatre). Berlin on the other hand only lasted 20 minutes into the film and then got restless. After that we just walked the halls together. Next time she'll get a sitter. Here he is with his kung fu outfit (which we picked up in Chinatown while in San Francisco) with his Panda toy from his Happy Meal.

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