Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Collegeworks Painting & Jace Kellogg (our Branch Manager)

You guys suck and here's why:

1. You guys said you would start the end of April, yet you didn't start until the end of May and every start date you gave us kept getting pushed back farther and farther. Yet amazingly the weekend you knew we had to go out of town you are able to paint the house and do so with us not being there. Um, you shouldn't be painting houses when you can't do the nightly walk-over. But I guess that's what you wanted, an easy way to do crappy work and not have to answer for it. what's the point of the when we aren't there to go over problems or concerns during "daily walk-thrus."

2. You didn't finish painting the chimney. Yes, I did notice the top 2 feet didn't get painted - I do have eyes and occasionally I actually look up towards the sky. Did you think we wouldn't notice it. And I know it wasn't a matter of running out of paint because you left the remaining paint with us.

3. You left stain all over the vinyl siding of my house, on my hose & spray nozzle, and on our brick patio. Yes I noticed - it's kind of hard NOT to notice the big oil spots on the vinyl from where you tried to clean up the stain, yet for all those oil spots, you seemed to have overlooked the actual stain marks which are still everywhere. Apparently you need to go back to school to learn that vinyl siding doesn't need stain, but decks do. Honestly, how hard is it cover the vinyl with a plastic tarp/sheet while you do the staining??? My 3 year old son could have done a better job.

You also left a bunch of overspray on our door weather strip. The painter said that it's because the door was closed with wet paint. If this were true, the paint would only be visible with the door open and only from the inside of the house. However, the overspray/overbrush can be seen when the door is closed (it's quite obvious being that it's white paint on brown weather-stripping). And they are total brush strokes which prove that your painters didn't tape it off like they should have - but I guess that's what you get when inexperienced morons paint your door. hello - painting 101? You might want to make sure your crew has taken this course.

4. Despite
the fact that the contract specifically states extensive prep (scraping, sanding, brushing, priming) of the 3 front porch columns, it is clearly obvious that all you did was prime and paint. No sander touched those columns, and yes, I did notice this fact. The peeling paint that was previously there is still there, just covered in whiter paint than before. If you say (and the contract specifically states "scraping, sanding, brushing - extensive prep work on columns" then you had better do it because obviously we are going to be looking for it to have been done.

5. If you choose to go out of town upon our return from vacation, don't send another guy to come over and pressure us to pay up for the work that was obviously not done to our satisfaction. It's obvious that you know the work was not done properly. And don't tell my husband that we have to pay the balance to this other guy and that we can go over our concerns when you get back. Obviously you are back and have been for weeks now but have yet to call us to address the concerns I noted on the contract when I was forced to pay the balance.

6. Finally, if you ever want to have a successful business, the first and most important thing you must remember is that when a customer calls (repeatedly) you should always call the customer back. We have now called you 4 times since we've returned from our vacation and you have yet to call us back. Honestly, we don't bite - or atleast we didn't until our 4 calls went un-returned. Now we are chompin' at the bit to chew you out. Oh - and don't answer the phone and then hang up on me when you hear my voice. Really, that's just childish.

Honestly, did you think we were just going to fade into the background and ignore it? We paid good money and we expect a good product in return. And yes, I will be upping the calling from once a week to once a day until you call us back. And if we do not hear from you or the company in regards to this matter, then fine, I'll suck it up to poor judgement on our part, but I'll be damned if you get once bit of positive press from me. I plan on posting and voicing this complaint where-ever and whenever I can.

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