Monday, June 30, 2008

mine, Mine, MINE!

A wayward flock of Finding Nemo seagull's seems to have taken up residence in my home. The ringing of "Mine, mine, Mine, mine" is non-stop these days. Berlin seems to have picked it up from her big brother who hasn't been keen on sharing certain toys lately (his wooden train, die-cast cars, little people village, star wars figurines ... pretty much everything). Now Berlin's caught the "mine" bug and goes around staking her claim on EVERYTHING! She can usually be found walking the house saying, "My dog, My phone, My car, My book, My blanket ...) It's actually pretty cute and I got this fun video clip of her claiming all the phones (real & play) as hers. Sorry, it's a bit long.

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Karyann said...

Cute little kids you have! I love to see pics of your family and your house. Your floors are great, and your house is so cute!