Friday, June 6, 2008

Spring Soccer review

Finley's Spring Soccer is officially over. His team, the Spiders, had their last game on the 31st of May and it was a blast. Finley started off the season off rough (lots of tears, crying & tempertantrums) but finished off the season strong. He was kicking the ball, running, throwing it in, and basically having a ball the last 3 games. So we are a bit sad to see Spring Soccer end. But, not to fret, Fall soccer starts in September so we'll definitely be registering him for that this August. Hopefully he'll be able to pick up where we left off and avoid the whole tough start again.

The above slide show is a review of the season. My favorite of course is the team photo where Finley was crying so hard that Laney, the little girl next to him had to cover her ears as she said, "he's too loud!" Priceless. In his individual photo his face & eyes were also all red from the crying fit he had. I tried to take my own individual pics as you can see somewhere in the slide-show, but he just wanted to be silly so they aren't any better.

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