Friday, May 28, 2010

What's in your garden?

Here's what's in mine...

With all the up & down weather that Mother Nature has sent our way (yeah, 3 inches of snow on Monday?) I'm glad to say that most of the garden survived. I say most, because everything I planted in the ground (zucchini, yellow squash, Dill, Asian snow peas, snap peas, and green beans) died. I started all of my plants inside from seeds (except the bell pepper & tomato plants) and so when I planted them in the ground they were already on their way to being something beautiful. But with the weight of the snow and the cooler temps, I just don't think they could handle it. *Sniff*Sniff* I wonder if there was too much native clay soil and I didn't amend it enough with fresh gardening soil? Who knows.

But, everything that I planted in the containers survived beautifully. Our tomato plants have pretty yellow flowers on them, the Asian snow peas are climbing their trellis wonderfully, our red, yellow and green bell peppers are well on their way to being ready to pick & eat, pickling cucumbers are getting bigger and the strawberries are red & shiny. Woo hoo! I'm excited the containers have worked for us. I was a bit nervous, but turns out they were better than in-ground.

But here are the goods:
Asian Snow Peas

Strawberries (next year I'll plant way more - 4 plants just aren't enough)

The garden patio

Basil & my poor ranunculus that got thrashed by the snow.

Bell pepper plants (green, yellow, and red)


I also transplanted one more zucchini and one more yellow squash into the containers. I'm hoping they will do better here than they did in-ground. I had to start them over again from seed inside, but they are huge and I'm hoping that once the leaves/stems get longer I can just spread them out of the container and on the ground so they have room to grow. Now, I just have to re-plant some dill seeds and hopefully it will grow just as well too.

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salt lake city slickers said...

wow! yours looks way better than ours. we have carrots, peas, tomatoes, zucchini and squash and a few flowers.

i think ours needs miracle gro asap!

ps- did you get the donuts dave and i left??