Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More cuteness found on my camera

Just some pics I took before we got in the car to go to Berlin's dance recital. At first I hated the washed out color, but now I like it. These were taken in my bathroom and that's our shower curtain - hence no full length photos. But it ended up working well enough.

This is a picture of Berlin asleep in the car on the way to the recital. "Oh Great!" I thought. 4:45pm and she's asleep - the girl who HATES to be woken up. Luckily however, she was a gem and woke up happy when we got to the recital. Guess 10 minute cat-naps can be a good thing.

These ones here are the studio pics they took awhile back. We just got them today. I love how Berlin is the only one posing with her hands up. She is definitely a girl - one with a mind of her own.


Emily said...

Those pictures are SOOOO cute! I espcially like the ones you took in your bathroom, they turned out great! What a pretty little girl!

Sugar & Spice said...