Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is the Place Park

So, we splurged and got our family a season pass to This is the Place Heritage Park. A friend told me that Citydeals.com had $50 gift certificates to TitPMP on sale for $25 plus 15% off. So I had Ryan buy one and I bought one (since it's one per household), then we combined them and bought a membership. I love getting a $90 membership for $43 (and I still have $10 credit too)!

These pics are from the morning we spent there with some friends a few weeks back. Honestly, I've never seen my kids more willing & happy to do chores :)

(Jen & Liz = click here to see ALL the pics. There are a lot!)

A, Berlin, K, K waiting patiently for the train ride to begin.

The boys waiting patiently (L, Fin, J)


The girls giddy with excitement as they pet the goat. There were also sheep, a baby goat, pigs, bunny, cows, horses, and a few other animals to see.

Watching the horses get fed their lunch.

Fin, playing teacher, in the old school house.

This game was so fun. This is how Pioneers taught the children to milk cows. If you pull the rope down and slightly to the side the wooden bear magically climbs the rope. If Fin were milking a real cow, he'd have no milk and she'd be one sore creature (and not too happy either).

The kids doing their lesson on their slate boards.

Berlin doing her laundry. She didn't want to put down the little wooden iron. Guess I know what to have Santa get her for Christmas this year.

Doing some laundry (Thank heaven for modern day washing machines)

Finley hanging the clothes out to dry.

Finley plowing the field - seriously, how do I get him to do this to our back field?

So between TitPMP, Hogle Zoo, and Thanksgiving Point Memberships, Swim Lessons, Tumbling, RSL Soccer Games, 801-Swim Club, and Bear Lake, our summer should be pretty full & fun! It almost makes up for the fact that we are going to Germany this Fall (yes, it STILL depresses me!).


Sugar & Spice said...

looks like so much fun!
Are you going up to bear lake this weekend?

Liz said...

thanks for sharing the pics! So cute! Thanks again for taking the girls...it was very helpful.