Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lights Out

Last week we had a major storm system blow in, wind, rain, snow, hail. We had it all. It was crazy considering it was the last week in April. But we lost all power around 5:oo pm and it was off until about 10:20 pm. So, we had to get creative with the kids. Ryan picked up pizza on his way home from work. Then we decided to built a fort. It was pretty cool, so cool in fact that Batman and Batgirl used it as their hideout as they tried to track down the Joker - the fiend who cut the power.

The sad thing is that we only had 2 little pocket flashlights, Finley's tool light, and Ryan's little LED camping light. Needless to say I went to Walmart the next morning and we are now the owners of 2 new BIG flashlights, 3 camping lanterns and lots of batteries to power them. We'll definitely be a little more prepared next time.

It was so much fun, that we might do this again - lights out & all!


valerie said...

what is that goofy face finley makes when wearing the batman mask?

it cracks me up

hoopesfam4 said...

Wish we could have been there to play with you guys while the power was out...the girls would have LOVED helping track down the joker. Wait...they ARE the jokers...who am I kidding?!