Monday, May 3, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

Who knows, but honestly, if the plants can survive all this rain & snow we've had this past week, they should be able to survive my black thumb.

I've been working SUPER hard in getting our yard ready for the summer. That means lots of weeding, moving of random flagstones turning a freshly weeded "weed pit" into somewhat usable space, planting our seed starters, spending way too much at home depot getting containers for our patio garden, etc. But, I had the best little helpers in the world, which made it all a bit more enjoyable. Of course we got the bigger plants into the ground right before the snow, and so far, they are holding up. I'm glad though that I held off on the smaller starts and kept them inside. Hopefully we'll get them planted outdoors next week.

Here's the progression of our seed starts ... I was surprised at how fast they grew. And honestly, I think I may have done a bit too many starts. Oh well. Here's to learning!

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Emily said...

That is awesome! Good luck! I've planted a container garden this year for our back patio and I was really glad that I had the option to bring them inside this past week. I'm new to gardening as well so if you learn any "secrets" to gardening let me know.