Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year with New Resolutions

Ok, I know we all make resolutions for the new year and after a couple weeks, they are long forgotten in the backs of our minds and covered in cobwebs. But I love that each year we can reflect on the past year, learn from our mistakes and even our victories and use that knowledge to make the next year even better. So this year I am going to tell the world what I want to do in hopes that those who know me will help me to keep them. Of course, to make it easy I'm keeping the list small - no more than five. I think I can handle that (we'll see right *smile). I'll even report back at the end of year! :)

1. Read more (I used to read all the time, but having kids makes that hard. But this is the year that I read more and gain back some me-time!)

2. Have regular date-night with Ryan once a month. (Thankfully my friend Melissa and I are helping each other with this one as we trade-off babysitting.)

3. Increase my spirituality. (This sounds vague, but it encompasses alot of things. I just want to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ this year.)

4. Be truly happy with Me (This is the year I want to be able to say "I love me" and mean it. I am my worst critic and I need to be a a bit easier on myself and embrace who I am whole-heartedly.)

5. Laugh more with my kids and not worry about the little things that stress me out and cause me to over-react. (I need to stop, breathe, and think about my reactions towards the kids.) You know like getting upset about frosty spilled all over the floor, toys strewn all over the house, hand-washing turning into a splash fest with water all over the bathroom, etc.)

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