Monday, January 21, 2008

All Tuckered Out

This weekend was full of fun for Finley. On Friday night he got to play with all his "Birth" cousins at Bouncin' Off the Walls in Draper. He had so much fun jumping in the bounce houses, sliding down the slides, and chasing all the kids. He just loves playing with the cousins and I'm grateful that there are lots of cousins his age for him to play with.

Then on Saturday we babysat my friends kids so they could have their date night. Finley, Kate & Tyler played and squeeled and ran around the house for 4 1/2 hours straight - barely taking time off to eat.

Finally on Sunday we had our friends (Kate & Colin) and their two kiddies (Sophia & Baby Nora) over for dinner. Again they played and played and played all night long. And Berlin of course just ate up all the action and crawled wherever the kids went (playing with toys along the way).

Once Kate & Colin left, Finley asked for some cereal. About 15 minutes after giving him some cereal, Ryan found him fast asleep - sitting upright on the table bench. It was just too funny & cute not capture on film. This was Finley below - all tuckered out & fast asleep.

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Mama Bear said...

Too precious a picture and what a moment to capture after all the fun and running around. Thanks for sharing. BTW - how much snow did you get yesturday?