Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks ...

Yesterday I went to Target to run some errands. I knew we had a storm coming in later that day so I got us ready and out the door by 10am. When we got there the skies were partly cloudy and it was windy but no snow in sight. I thought to myself that I had a couple hours before the predicted storm moved in. An hour and 10 minutes later we left Target and much to my dismay it was a freakin' blizzard outside. It was completely white and the wind was so bad the snow was literally being blown horizantally. Luckily we had gotten to Target early enough to get a parking spot right by the entrance. So I rushed outside with the kids in the cart. Needless to say that carts aren't meant to be pushed thru 2 + inches of snow (yep - 2 inches in an hour???). As I struggled to get the kids in the car a nice older gentleman came over and started wiping the snow off my windows and mirrors. Then he helped me unload the cart into the back and took the cart to the store. What would have taken me 15 min to get everything loaded in and the snow wiped off, took me less than 5. I just want to shout out THANKS! to that gentleman. He made my day and I hope he knows how grateful I am for his act of kindness in the middle of a parking lot in a blizzard. It's reassuring to know that good people exist in our world today.

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