Thursday, January 31, 2008

Growing Up

I knew this day was bound to happen. Berlin has decided to wean herself at 11 1/2 months. Atleast she went 2 weeks longer than Finn did. Just like Finley she is quitting cold turkey. Overnight she has gone from nursing 8 times a day to just once (and once is a good day). It wouldn't be so bad except that my kids abhor bottles. Finley went straight to sippy cups, but she doesn't even want sippy cups. I was hoping this time around would be different - that she would nurse morning/night and use a sippy during the day. Obviously this is not the case. Emotionally I am much more prepared this time around (I was one emotional & engorged wreck when Finn did stopped) so if she decides to let it go, then so will I. Thus I embrace saying goodbye to the baby stage forever and I will welcome my little girl who's growing up.

Berlin reading with me the other night. She LOVES to look at books & turn the pages all by herself.

This past week welcomed the fact that Berlin can wear clips in her hair! Yippee!!! Finley didn't have much hair until he was 2 and I was worried that she would be the same. Luckily this isn't the case (not that she has a ton of hair by anymeans) and she wore her first barrette the other day. Isn't she just adorable!!!

Here's my posse in their grey-hoodies. I had the perfect picture and then Finley threw a fit and refused to sit up (hence just his leg is in the picture). Thus I snapped his picture separately as he tried to hide behind his shoes.

Finley & Ryan like to play video games together (Ryan plays while Finley thinks he's doing it all). Here's Berlin getting in on the action while trying to get her own controller out of the drawer.

This last week we made Valentine's Day cards. Finn thought that was the coolest - especially when he got to use scissors. He loves the foam stickers too (hooray for the dollar store!).


Shelby said...

so cute! I love her little clip. Such a sweet, feminine little girl and I can't believe she is almost one!!! Finley is too cute with the valentines. What a fun mom you are.

valerie said...
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valerie said...

Berlin is getting way too big and since when is FINN big enough to use scissors? Can we stop time, just for a little bit? Your grey hoodie posse is the cutest around.