Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's here, it's here, it's here!!! Christmas morning finally arrived and it has been the best day ever. From waking up to the sounds (over the monitor) of Finley talking to Uncle Ben about his new "Brave, strong, robot" under the tree, to seeing Berlin's face light up upon seeing her new baby doll, it was a day full of wonder, amazement (that Santa knew just what they wanted), and delight. Here's Finley with the aforementioned "Brave, Strong, robot" and some other gifts. Berlin loved her little wagon and dolly, but she wasn't so sure about the crawl tunnel. I even got a Snoopy Snowcone Machine - just like the one I received for my birthday about 26 years ago.

As for the yummy food - Ryan made German pancakes (puffed ups) for breakfast with syrup and whip cream. Some meats & cheeses for aven broat (sp ?), and Rolladen & potatoes for dinner, which I made for the first time (by myself) from Renate's (Ryan's mom) recipe. Ryan said it was awesome and that it brought back happy memories, so it must have been good. Needless to say we were all stuffed.

It was an amazing day, but in the end I know that it's not the presents that matter. And I know that the things that I will remember aren't going to be what toys Santa did/didn't bring. But the songs we sang, like Silent Night and Away in a Manger, before putting the kids to bed. The re-telling of the story of Christ's birth as Finley re-created the manger scene with stickers, puzzles, and books. Watching Finn play with the sweet nativity figurines and overhearing him whisper to baby Jesus that mommy Mary loves him. It's the peace and love that comes into our hearts as we reflect upon the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the knowledge, the truth, and the light of Christ in my own life, and for the opportunity to share this with my children. May the spirit of Christ be in our homes always and may we feel of His love daily.

Looks like Santa came thru with a Pirate Ship after all.

A"Strong, Brave, robot" (no clue where that came from but that's what he keeps calling it). Finn was a bit unsure of this the first time we turned him on (he walks, talks, shoots, and spins). But now he finds him a worthy opponent against his buzz laserband.

A blast from the past - tasting mom's snowcone.

She wasn't so sure about this tunnel. 10 seconds later she was crying.

Berlin's affectionate headlock grip. She honestly spent all day giving her baby kisses.

Ten seconds of calm with Rudolph and Clarice before the craziness broke out.

Berlin and all her stocking goodies.

Finn's favorite present of the day - a Buzz lightyear Star Command laser band (thank you Disneyland for carrying such an item while we happend to be there in November). Finley refused to take this off except for when he had to wash his hands. Honestly. He even ate (what little he ate today - other than candy) with it on.

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Mama Bear said...

ok- The Picture of your Snoopy Snow Cone Machine totally took me back to when you first got the thing, especially when I saw the little snow man flavor dispenser. What a great gift!!! Oh the childhood memories.