Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Temple Lights

This being the first Christmas that Finley "gets" we decided to take the kids down to Temple Square to look at all the lights. So this past Monday we decided to go to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory (Finn's fave restaurant) and then head on down to see the lights. Finley fell fast asleep on the way to the restaurant, slept thru dinner, then woke up as we were leaving. So we just planned on going home. However, in a groggy haze he quietly asked to see the lights.

So to the lights we went. Much to Ryan's disappointment, there seemed to be quite a few trees unlit, but luckily, there were enough that it was still pretty. And Finn liked it, especially the little manger nativity & program by the visitor's center. It was a nice family activity in the end, even in the freezing cold. Of course, on the ride home Finley pipes up from the backseat, "I want my spaghetti dinner now." Hey buddy, you snooze you loose. So he had to settle for a bowl of fruit loops and some string cheese (his choosing) when we got home.

Here are the only 2 pics that turned out. If only I had thought to switch the camera setting to candelight/lowlight mode sooner. Oh well. The first was in normal mode - sorry it's dark & hazy. The temple pic is in the right mode and thus looks better.

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