Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gingerbread Trains

For those who have made gingerbread trains/houses with 2 year olds, you know this formula to be true: gingerbread + frosting + candy = one big sugar high.

I learned this to be the case on Friday morning when Finley and I decided to make our first gingerbread train together (from a kit of course - like I have time to make gingerbread from scratch *smile*). He was super at helping me squeeze the frosting onto the train, and placing the candy into the frosting. However, he must have thought there would be none left for him because about half-way thru he decided to put the candy into his mouth faster than I could get it on the train. Needless to say he ate a good 1/4 of the candy (and that's only because I had to ration it). But that's what Christmas is about right? So I let it slide after the first couple reminders/reprimands went unheeded.

It was so much fun to see the delight on Finn's face throughout the whole process. And I must say we have one spectacular choo-choo train on our table now. This will definitely become a Christmas tradition - and maybe, just maybe I'll try and bake my own gingerbread (who am I kidding?).

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AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

We bought the same gingerbread train kit, but we are going to wait and make it for family home evening tomorrow. Seeing your finished one makes me even more excited to do it now.