Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I {HEART} Right Now - Winter 2010

Seriously, I don't know what it is about Winter and the Holidays, but it seems that everything I see, I want to buy. My favorite thing is to put things in my cart and then walk away. It makes me think I'm buying it, but not really (I do this ALOT on anthropologies website).

Anyway, these are just some of the things that I {HEART} right now:

1. Tree skirts ... 
Maybe it's because I don't have one for either of our trees and I really want some. These 2 are my faves.

I want this for the upstairs tree (my tree):

Garnet Hill (again, I think I can replicate this for a fraction of the cost)

And this one for the kids tree downstairs:
Land of Nod (sold out - but would be easy enough to sew)

2. Mercury glass ... 

I have loved mercury glass forever. And now it seems to be getting more and more popular which usually I think is a bad thing, but if it means that it brings the prices down to something within reason, I'm all for it. Maybe next year I'll splurge.

Wisteria (and they are on sale right now!)

3. Advent Calendars ...

We have a couple paper advents which are fun, but really, they only work once as the paper doors never close again, they get ripped, and the kids start to remember what's underneath them. I wanted to make a legit one that would stand the test of time and give me the freedom to change out the goodies, but of course it won't happen this year. But this one is my fave. I love that it's like a piece of art and I have the perfect spot for something like it. I don't love the price tag. Seriously, who pays that kind of money ($219 and that's on sale) for metal pails on twigs with twine?

(update: I just bought some metal pails from all-a-dollar and have plans to make one like this ... for under $10! And I have until Nov 2011 to get it done.)

4. Paper Dolls ...

As a kid I loved paper dolls. I had a couple sets and thought they were the shiz (yeah, that's right, I said the shiz - how's that for a blast to the past). They are making a comeback, and these are my faves right now, ranging from expensive to super affordable. I'm even tempted to sway Berlin into a Paper Doll Birthday Party in Feb just to have an excuse to buy them. Wouldn't it be a darling theme with fabric pennant flags hanging from all over the ceiling in the sun-room? Heck, maybe I'll get some for my 35th birthday in a couple weeks and invite my girlfriends over:

Sarah Jane Paper Dolls : $3 - $10 (you can choose the print at home option and save even more money!)

MiniMe Custom Paper Dolls : $5 -$25 (print at home options also avail). I love that these are custom, so you get to chose, hair color, style, eye color, skin tone, etc. 

5. and finally, putz Christmas Houses ...
If you know me, you know I like vintage things. Especially nick-nacks. And this year I finally started getting some of my own pieces. But these are some that I love on ebay and wouldn't mind having ... of course, it's much better to find them around town and for a fraction of the cost (I have yet to pay more than $4.99 for any of mine). These are the ones on our sofa table. I just love them. 

and the one in the front room...

I even found these free downloadable Putz house patterns online here. I plan on doing these next week with the kids just for fun (minus all the glitter dust of course).

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hoopesfam4 said...

Okay...seriously love that polka dot tree skirt, and with your mad skills you could make one that's even cuter. And that advent idea is adorable. I was going to try and make one this year, but it didn't happen. I suppose there is always next year, right?

As always, thanks for the inspiration sis!