Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Each year we spend Christmas Eve with Ryan's family down in Orem at his siser's house. As always, the kids fall asleep on the ride home, thus leaving us time to get things ready. This year we actually got to bed earlier than last year (thanks to some strategically timed present wrapping earlier in the week). However, when I heard a rustling in the kitchen at 5:00 am, I knew that no matter how early I thought we'd gone to bed, it wasn't early enough.

I dragged myself out of bed at 5:15am to find Finley sitting in front of the Christmas tree staring at presents. I told him it was way WAY to early and that he need to go back to bed. He said no, and I told him he could lay down by the tree if he wanted, but he was NOT to open or touch anything since Berlin and Dad were still asleep. He agreed and so I crawled back into bed. About 8:00am Ryan awoke to a rustling and got up. Turns out it was just the dog. However, Ryan saw this and came to wake me up to get a picture. 

Finley, sound asleep in front of the stockings, was SNORING super loud. I love that he has all his favorite toys: Serena bunny, scruffy dog, and the new clone-trooper doll he received the night before from his cousin.

About 10 minutes later Berlin woke up and the Christmas morning festivities began. Here are the kids with their gifts & stockings. 
The tree
Finley's new Skateboard from Ryan and I.
This is the one thing he really wanted this year. 

 He was so excited to check it out that he only got one wrist-guard on. 
He's got some cool moves apparently.

 The Batcave from Santa. The other thing that he really really wanted. 
It has been played with every day & all day ever since.

 Berlin's stocking, which is almost as tall as her.
 Her new headlamp. She's wearing her new nightgown that I made. 
The easiest pattern ever, but the fabric just makes it.
 Bentley spied his present while we were still on stockings.
He couldn't wait to get the toys out of the box and dragged it all over the house.

 Berlin with her gift from Ryan and I.

This year I took each kid out separately to buy a $10 gift for each other.
Finley with his gift from Berlin and Berlin with her gift from Finley.

All I can say is that Christmas with children is so much better than Christmas without. They definitely keep the magic alive. And thanks to my sister Emily who spent the weekend with us. The kids LOVED having a fun playmate.

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