Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa's Christmas Village - cookie style

I got the cutest little gingerbread kit from Target ($9.99) this year that had 5 little houses to decorate. So on Monday for FHE we brought out the candy (and oh my it was A LOT of candy), frosting, sprinkles, and more to create our own Christmas Village. Here's a pretty good run-down on how it went:

Berlin: I need more frosting.
Mom: Um, you have an entire bowl right in front of you.
Berlin: I know, but it's not enough. I need more.
Mom: Um, not gonna happen.
Berlin: MOM! I need more!
Mom: Fine, one more spoonful.

This exact conversation took place about 5 times last night. Berlin honestly ate about 1/2 the container of frosting (and heaven only knows how much candy). I'm just glad she didn't barf it all up. Good thing we only do this once a year :)

But we had a blast, I didn't panic when frosting, candy, and sprinkles got everywhere (I usually freak out when a mess occurs, but I am getting better - even Finley said so!) and we laughed a lot. I can't wait to do it again in 12 months.

This is the kit I bought and will DEFINITELY get it again next year if they have it:


 Berlin and her creation, "Santa's House." (notice her frosting mustache)

 Finley and his creation, the "Candy Shop". He made the cutest little igloo and baby snowman with green eyes.

 Ryan wreaking terror on his bakery.

 I did the "Toy Shop" and the "Elf Chalet."

the village in all it's glory ...

And this is what you hear (then see) when your kids are awake at 10pm, on a school night, hopped up on sugar, sugar, and more sugar: Look Momma, I'm a Ninja!!!

I don't think I can ever say this enough. I love my life, my kids, and my husband. They are amazing, funny, witty, silly, and just down right awesome. I am so thankful that they are mine. I love them so very much.


Mama Bear said...

Hey, this is how your master card commercial would read:

Mini Gingerbread house village from Target - 9.99
white frosting - 1.59
pullup used as ninja mask after sugar/frosting overdose - priceless!!

he hee - looks like you all had so much fun. Love you all!!

Shelby said...

Looks like you are having a great Christmas Season!! So fun. Missing you guys. Your 2 little ones are so darling. Beautiful kids. You have such fun taste! Wish we could do some fun decorating projects together! : P