Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Kid-Crafts week one

To keep the kids busy this season we've got a couple fun things going on. We have our playmobil advent calendar and they get to unwrap a Christmas book from under the tree each night, but I wanted something to keep us from going stir crazy during the day with all the cold weather & snow we've had. 

So, we've been doing a craft, activity, or outing each day. I'm going to try and post a few of them each week, that is if I can remember to take pictures of them.

1. Paper Christmas Trees
I cut some tree shapes from my overflowing stash of scrapbook paper and then rounded up buttons, pom-poms, sequins, jewels, etc for them to use to decorate the tree. This was perfect for keeping them busy while I prepared dinner.

2. Stained Glass
I got these from the Dollar Tree store and they are an awesome craft to do. The only downfall is that once dry, the paint gets all crackly and falls off, so I wouldn't recommend hanging them anywhere you don't want a flaky mess.

3. Stamped Wrapping Paper
Bought a set of plastic cookie cutters from Dollar Tree and some white wrapping paper. I poured some old craft paint onto plates, then let the kids stamp away.


We then used this wrapping paper for the gifts that they had personally picked out for each other for Christmas. They were VERY proud of this project. 


hoopesfam4 said...

Very, very cute!! I've been trying to do some crafts with the girls too, since we've had cold and rainy weather the past few days. Thanks for sharing the ideas...think I just may have to copy the wrapping paper deal...I have so much extra paint that isn't getting used and that would be PERFECT while I work on some of my personal crafts I've been wanting to catch up on.

Jen Howick said...

now you know why we call you "Martha" instead of Cynthia... ;) always the creative one.

Our Family of 5 said...

I might be borrowing some of these ideas to keep the boys busy until AJ gets back next week...then they will have lots of things to show him when he gets back. You are so creative!