Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Boy #2

We celebrated Finn's bday all weekend long with family & friends.  But before the celebrations could begin, he knew he had to be happy during his soccer game. Ryan said he pouted a little during the warm-up practice, but was awesome and enthusiastic once the game started. His team even sang "Happy Birthday" to him after the game.

He had a Star Wars party with 5 of his friends and despite having to move the party inside (thanks to cold, wind & heavy rain), it was so much fun.  I had attempted an r2-d2 cake (3-d of course), but after frosting the entire thing, the head cracked. I even tried holding it together with uncooked spaghetti noodles. No go. So after consulting with Ryan, into the trash it went and out came the chocolate cupcakes. Of course, I'm not to be outdone by a cake so I plan on making another one this week just to prove to myself I can do it. Silly me, I know.

Finley also had a small dinner party with just my family. The best part was when he opened the small box of Clone Wars legos saying, "Lego droides! Ooooooh, it's just want I wanted, Thank you! I have been dreaming about these. Now I can complete my collection!"  What 4 year old talks like this? I totally loved it. I wish I had been filming on the Flip mino instead of just taking still camera shots. It was priceless.


Celeste said...

How fun! You're such an amazing mom!!! I'm so glad his collection is complete...ha ha ha ha!

Shelby said...

happy birthday, finn! Sure wish we could get together for a combined birthday for you & ellie! Maybe some year. you are such a great boy and I know how special you are to your mom and family! xoxo jsew