Friday, April 3, 2009

Another little ditty I whipped up

You may be wondering why the heck I've been posting some of the projects I've done. If you've ever been to my house, you know that I have an addiction to fabric. Yes, fabric, and I must at all times have LOTS of it. So much, it's taken up over 5 x-large tubs in my storage room.  For all my cleaning, purging and organizing (which according to Ryan only happens to his stuff when he's not home to defend it's purpose), I can't seem to part with most of it. Thus, my new goal has been to do atleast 1 project a week - yes a week.  Any less and fabric will continue sitting in tubs waiting to be made into something magnificient (cause all things handmade are magnificient and the fate of all fabric should be so).

So here's the latest little ditty I whipped up yesterday while Berlin took her nap. It's a little big, despite the pattern being a 24 mos size. But atleast she can wear it now as more of a dress and then a top w/ jeans as she gets older. The fabric reminds me of what Maria used to make the children's playclothes in The Sound of Music. Funny thing - this fabric is a curtain panel bought from Urban Outfitters on clearance (for $4.99!) last Fall. It's my current fave fabric of all time. I bought enough to make Berlin's bedding for when we take down the crib, and I made my sister Val a darling cafe apron for Christmas.

Ever so pleased, ever so pleased.


Sugar & Spice said...

SO CUTE!!!! Love how you trimmed the pockets. Great way to use a curtain panel- I need to remember to think about other uses when I see stuff like that- sometimes it is hard to picture in my head if it is a curtain panel or bed sheet- I have a hard time seeing it as anything else- I need to think outside the box more. Great fabric! Love the birds on it.
You have had a super productive week-- kudos to you! :-) (wish I could be more motivated...maybe soon...:-)

Celeste said...

That is sooooo flippin CAAA-UTE!! I adore the teal buttons and pocket trim! I want you do plus sizes? ha ha ha ha

valerie said...

and i LOVE my apron - thank you!

Sara said...

Very cute, are so creative!

Hoopesfam4 said...

And you have every right to be is adorable. One of these days, I WILL get a sewing machine and I WILL have you teach me how to use of these days...I promise.