Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. Super Strength Tylenol Quick Release Capsules - the only thing that's keeping my mind together with the stress of closing on this house.

2. Singing silly songs with my kids: Peanut Butter, Beetle Beetle, 5 monkeys and an alligator, etc.

3. Weeding with Finley. We spent the last 2 days weeding during Boos naptime and we had such a fun time hanging out together, talking about worms, bugs, dirt, flowers, and a gazillion other things.

4. Going to Costco and finding my fave flowers for sale (large flats of colorful RANUNCULUS) just in time to plant in our almost weeded flower bed.

5. For spring rain - it's given me an excuse to stay inside and sew on the 12 chair covers for our sunbeam class, finish a dress for Berlin, and start on my new Temple Skirt (cause after 2 babies I was kidding myself to think I'd ever be able to wear my other Temple Skirt again).

6. Crying - it's nice to cry and shed tears (and I'm not talking happy tears). It can help you sleep better, release stress, and can make you feel better about life in general.

1 comment:

Sugar & Spice said...

sounds like we need another girls night... :-) let me know what you think...

Also- what dress are you making for Berlin? Post a pick when you are done. My parents get in tonight so I am hoping I will have some fun finished projects to show next week.... (fingers crossed)