Monday, August 1, 2011

a Belated Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day kinda came and went. Let's be honest, that's what happens (atleast for us) when Holidays fall on a Sunday. And it didn't help that Ryan worked a half-day on Monday (the day most Utahns celebrated), and I spent most the day working in the yard trimming trees for the neighborhood clean-up bins. And since we aren't parade folk, we kept it low-key and celebrated later than most.

This is the one thing we did on the 24th....drawing on the barn with chalk. I even lent a hand. These are the only fireworks we did this year with the kids. Honestly, they are the best kind... safe, quiet (Berlin hates the loud sound), and no smoke/charcoal residue to deal with. 

Later in the week we made these cool edible covered wagons (thanks to our nursery leaders for the cute idea), pretzel cabins & tepees with the kids and had rootbeer floats. That's about as celebratory as we get. No matter, it was still a great week remembering our Pioneer Ancestors.

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