Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Fun

I spent a week up at Bear Lake with the kids earlier this month. I love going during the week because it is much quieter than on weekends. It was especially fun because our friends were staying at the KOA campground part of the time, so our kids got to play together a lot.

The water was a few feet higher than before and we found lots of leeches in the water. Uck! But the kids had fun catching them and releasing them where they would die. They also tried their hand at catching the little fishies in the water. Even Ryan and I joined it. Great fun.

Our own private beach/road - yay for high water levels. 

catching the little fish & leeches 

lots of little fish

 three leeches

Walking from the cabin to the water.

All sass & dazzle. Love those glasses on her.

We also spent time doing crafts, painting birdhouses, and making jewelry.
Two courtesy of Finley. 

 Her new foam jewelry.

Chillin' out.

We also went for a nice little nature walk behind the city park. The nice part is that it's short so Berlin cannot complain about having to walking too much. This walk is a great spot to look for little snakes. Finn came prepared with his snake hunting stick.

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