Saturday, July 9, 2011

Water Babies

I know, they aren't babies anymore, but they will always be my babies no matter how old they get. And these little babes of mine love the water. They just finished up their first swim session with Miss Amber & Miss Taylor. They LOVE their teachers. The progress this year has been amazing. 

Last year, Berlin would NOT put her face under water and she cried a lot. This year she learned Circle arms (breast-stroke), the Superman glide, and practiced her kicking with the kick board. She is doing fabulous and even went down the slide and off the diving board today ... for the first time ever! 

Notice her smile below? She is LOVIN' it!

Last year Finley was a little bored so I worried he might not like it this year. But he loves it. He is my little fish who tries to do handstands in the water, somersaults, loves the slide, and the diving board. He asked his teacher if he could dive in and she told him no. I guess he has to be in level 4 for diving (he's in level 2). Darn it! I wish she had let him try. He was pretty bummed. But he's learned the Breast-stroke, the Crawl-stroke, he can float on his back unassisted, and has perfected his Superman glide. He is a little swimmer.

getting ready for his handstand. 

the result of his handstand.

They both can't wait for their next session in August. 

Kinda makes me wish we had our own pool. I realize how spoiled I was growing up with a pool in our backyard. I would be all over it, but seems like the cost for only 3 months of use each year isn't worth it.

Video of Finn on the slide

Video of Berlin on the slide

Video of Berlin jumping in

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