Friday, July 8, 2011

Mosquito Love

No, we do not love mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they do love us, way more than they should. And, sadly, Finley seems to always have the worst of it. We went to an outdoor neighborhood magic show a few weeks ago. The next morning, Finley woke up looking like this. 

I was convinced it was a spider bite because I hadn't noticed anything the night before. I finally caved in and took him to the doctor when he complained of his eye itching and feeling hot. According to my pediatrician, it is a mosquito bite, not a spider bite. He claims that you just don't see spider bites that much these days. Something to do with their teeth/pincers being to small to break the skin. Not that I believe that, but whatever. So after getting a prescription for some eye-drops and administering lots of Ibuprofen, things looked better a few days later. 

Today, it's all cleared up, but one thing we've learned is that Finley and mosquitoes don't mix. Even bites on his body swell out of control - way worse than they do on the rest of us. Kinda crazy. And of course Finley now freaks out anytime he sees a mosquito near him (serously - tears and screaming). This made for a very interesting incident at Bear Lake last weekend. 

Needless to say we hate these miserable creatures.

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Our Family of 5 said...

poor kid...he just looks like he feels miserable. is he allergic to bees and stuff too? Did they say you'll have to start carrying an epi pen or anything like that?