Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Finley started 1st grade today! Crazy to think my baby boy is in first grade and will be gone all day long. But, I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. He was so ready and excited to go back to school. He sure does love a good routine, and school provides that for him.

Bringing his own lunch was a big deal to him. He thinks that's the greatest thing ever. So we planned it out last night and I made it this morning after I got home from the gym. He kept saying, "Mom, I don't want to be late.... Berlin, hurry up, get dressed already, I can't be late..... Are we late?... We should start walking now mom. I just can't be late."  Yeah, I think he's ready. Hopefully his enthusiasm lasts all year long!

Can't wait to walk home with him and hear how his first day went. 

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