Sunday, August 7, 2011

arg...a review of sorts

I have been wanting some patio seating for a few years now. I really love the iron ones but they or course are WAY out of our budget for how much we need for the upper and lower deck. And I'm a bit (just a bit) picky. But when I spied this set on-sale at World Market over the 4th of July weekend. I got really excited and sent Ryan over. 

Needless to say after purchasing 2 occasional chairs, 2 loungers, 2 side tables, 1 coffee table, 2 pool loungers and 2 occasional benches, we cleaned the store out. The only thing we didn't get was the dining table & chairs which I kinda now regret seeing as they were 75% off. The best part, is that all this furniture (including the seat cushions) was a steal. Seriously, less than our monthly health insurance payment. 

After spending 2 days oiling the wood furniture (I soon realized this was why they were on sale... no-one WANTS to oil their wood furniture but it had to be done, and will continue to be done every spring here on out - boo). Ryan and I were out relaxing on the pool loungers when Ryan suddenly crashed to the ground. His had broken. The funny part is that what broke was a pre-assembled/built piece, not one that we put together - (phew). I have called the store, posted a comment/review on the website, and still have had no word back. 

Hence, the "Arg" in this posts title. I HATE it when stores don't respond to customer complaints. All we want is to return it or exchange it, or get partial credit on the lounger. You know, just acknowledge that I exist mostly.  It's so frustrating that they won't call me back. So now, Ryan, having just built our new play-set, gets to figure out how in the world to fix the lounger. He's not happy about it, but atleast I have more confidence in his building/fixing skills then I do in pre-fab wooden outdoor furniture. Again, my hubby kinda rocks. 

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