Monday, August 22, 2011

Dog Lake (aka Dog Pond)

This has been the week of hikes. First, the Limber Pine Trail while at Bear Lake, then Silver Lake up by Brighton, and now Dog Lake. We ventured up Millcreek for the latter, longer hike yesterday. This time we remembered the pack for little Miss Grumpy, so no temper-tantrums were had. 

Finley gets the award for super-duper AWESOME hiker. This was Finley's longest hike ever (5 miles round-trip) and he hiked the entire way! He even braved the steep down-hill parts even though he was a little scared. So proud of that kid. He really is a hiker and loves to be up there in nature. He's a cutie with his little camel-pack on.

I, of course get the award for being one tough cookie carrying Berlin on my back the entire hike. This will definitely be the last summer/fall she gets packed on our hikes because I cannot imagine carrying a 5 year old in a pack - even if she still only weighs 30 lbs. I hope that Berlin learns to love to hike. 

Bentley gets the award for the best behaved dog on the trail. He was awesome & he LOVED this hike. Lots of streams and water for him to lay in. Even when a couple dogs crowded his space and tried to take his fetching stick. He was a great hiking companion.

Just a cool wasp nest in one of the trees. Love how it's woven around the pine bough.

Ryan's just all-around amazing and gets the award for being patient. He held back on the way up and stayed with Finn at his little pace. They are good buddies and I am sure they had some great conversations coming up. When I hike with Berlin on my back I have to keep a slightly faster pace in order to keep my momentum up under the weight (and I have to admit that walking slow pretty much anywhere drives me nuts). So we usually end up ahead of them. Ryan's a wonderful dad. I love being outdoors and in nature with my little family.

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