Sunday, December 27, 2009

Traditions slideshow

Ever since Ryan and I were engaged, we've spent Christmas Eve with his family. We eat lots of German food and visit with each other. Then the kids sing, play piano, violin, guitar, etc. followed by the traditional reading of Luke in the German family bible that is generations old (while another reads in English for the grandkids and us non-Germans). Here the kids are performing Rudolph (ever so quietly I might add) and then Jingle Bells with a few other cousins.

AND of course Christmas morning is always a whirlwind of chaos, but I love it. Especially when it comes with squeals of "Oh My GOODNESS!" and "What the HECK?!" Yep, that must have meant it was good. So I guess staying up until 4 am assembling beds was totally worth it. We presented the kids with their new rooms in the basement as part of their Christmas. Now I get to spend this next week moving their clothes, toys, and other furniture downstairs. Lucky me!

(yes, this means that the basement is 90% finished. Once the bathroom tile gets fixed, the toilet put in, and the sink attached it will be all done! Woo hoo! So be on the look-out for before and after pics.)

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