Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's about time

it started feeling like Christmas around here. And as of yesterday (Saturday) it finally does! Due to basement remodel chaos (augh) we'd been putting off getting the tree up and the decorations out. But I'd had enough, so with 90% of the basement done I had Ryan bring in the tree Friday afternoon. I moved the toys down into the new toy room this weekend.

Finley was ecstatic beyond belief - he's been begging for the tree since Thanksgiving. But we weren't able to decorate until Saturday morning as we had the Birth Christmas Party (all Ryan's extended family). Here Berlin is wearing her little German dress. I wish I could say I made it, but no. I bought it on etsy from a fabulous gal in Germany. It's a little big so yay! for getting to wear it next year again!

On Saturday the kids were able to decorate their little hearts out. And I must say that the 4 branches they overloaded with ornaments looked great! I will admit to re-arranging them after they went to bed as the weight of 12 ornaments on one branch was a bit too much for the tree to handle. But they did a great job.

Tonight we wrote our letters to Santa and hung them on the tree in their little felt envelopes so Santa can read them when he comes down the chimney. Finley asked Santa for Star Wars toys (galactic heroes, legos & bobble heads), a big playhouse for him & Berlin to share, a new leapster and new games, and a polka-dotted reindeer for mom. Berlin asked Santa for a Cinderella princess with mice, a big prince-charming, a princess Barbie car, a princess Barbie bike, and lots & lots of princesses. Here's to hoping Santa delivers :)

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Jen Howick said...

yea for your basement almost being done and for getting your Christmas tree up! woohoo! it looks awesome!