Monday, December 7, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Ryan hadn't seen all the new baby animals that were born over the summer, and we knew that weather would be changing for the worse (Darn Winter!). So, last Saturday we took the kids to the zoo. The kids and I go often, but it's always a fun treat to go with Ryan. The tiger cubs were awesome, the baby elephant was adorably cute & funny, the toddler orangutan was hyper as can be, the baby giraffe was shy and just wanted to be left alone to lick his applesauce off his enrichment toy. But then came the Gorilla. She (or he, not really sure) was sitting right up to the glass, within a few inches of our faces - probably the closest that I've ever been to a gorilla. We were a little in awe, until that is, she decided to turn sideways, poo in her hand, and proceed to eat it like an apple. We bolted out of there gagging and dry-heaving amidst the laughter of the 2 teenage zoo volunteers. I dry-heaved all morning every time I thought about it. Luckily it was on the latter part of our zoo day so we had no qualms about leaving. And what was probably one of the best days at the zoo, was now one of the grossest days.

On a brighter subject, here's some cute pics of the kids and animals that didn't gross us out.


AJ, Shauna, Keegan and Camden said...

Ok...I would probably have lost it right there, so I admire your strong stomach. The baby elephants and giraffes are always favorites of ours, mostly because they are the ones we can get closest too, and there's a giraffe at the zoo that was born on the same day as Camden.

Mama Bear said...

I have to agree, the poo thing is vile. I both laughed and then retched while reading that. So sorry you had to personally witness that!