Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summer is here and we are SOOOOOO happy. We've had a lot going on so bear with me :)

Preschool is over for the summer. They had a really cute Pirate graduation party with lots of piratey activities. Unfortunately, Finn was a grump-a-lump and it wasn't nearly as fun as it should have been. 


Our favorite part of summer is going to Bear Lake. We opened the cabin this last weekend. It was a little sad for me at times knowing that Peter (Ry's father) isn't with us anymore. It makes me glad to think that the cabin will always be a reminder of Peter & Renate (Opa & Oma to the kids) in our lives, and I know that they are with us in spirit when we're there.

Here are some pics of the beach. We had great weather the morning we went down to the water. Later that day it rained and then on Sunday we got caught in a little hail storm on our hike up the Limber Pine trail. Despite the not-so-great weather, the kids are already begging to go back up.


And of course with Summer comes yard work. Yuck. Most days I feel like all I do is weed. Morning glory, dandelions, & prairie grass are the bane of my existence. It seems that just when I get it all done (a good 3 weeks later), that I have to start all over again. Arrrgh! On a positive note, we spent Memorial Day weekend clearing out the field of all the debris (bricks, concrete, metal, logs) & broken tree limbs that have accumulated over the past few years. Here's Ryan on the new mower cutting down the 3 foot tall weeds. Literally, this was an all-day project and we were totally spent (and sore) by the end of the day. 


These are just some cute shots of Berlin. She is all about dressing up these days. Here she is all ready to go with me to Joann's to get some No-Sew last week. She's all about "accessorizing" these days.  Even if it's not her. Bentley bears the brunt of this and can usually be found sporting a necklace, courtesy of Berlin. He's very good about letting her dress him up, but by the look on his face, I'm sure he doesn't love it.


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Sugar & Spice said...

so fun! Kate has that brown tulip dress also! (gotta love target! )